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The Nest Collective Hour, live on Resonance FM.

Tracks from Ára (Sweden), Kuenta I Tambu (Curaçao), Gili Yalo (Ethiopia), Estbel (Estonia), The Rheingans Sisters (UK), Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita (UK/Senegal), Louise Bichan (UK), Guy One (Ghana), Mahsa Vahdat & Coskun Karademir (Turkey / Iran), Criolu (Brazil), Piers Faccini (France), Chouk Bwa (Haiti) and Kardajala Kirridarra (Australia), plus a thunderstorm I recorded in Albania. 

The Nest Collective Hour, live on Resonance FM

Tracks from Ennanga Vision (Uganda), LAU (UK), Thomas Ashworth (UK), Cassie and Maggie (Canada), Jordi Savall (France), Blay Ambolley (Ghana), Winne Clement (Belgium), Richard Dawson (UK), Goran Mansson (Sweden), Cosmo Sheldrake (UK) and Orchestre Les Mangelepa (Congo). 

My first ever shot at live radio presenting!  

The Nest Collective Hour on Resonance FM, feat. a live studio session and interview with Maya Youssef (Syria) on qanun and tracks from Wimme & Rinne (Finland), Kyle Huval (USA), IFÉ (Puerto Rico), Labelle (La Réunion), Sibusile Xaba (South Africa), Effra (UK) and Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (Italy).