Nature sound recordings

A few years ago I bought a sound recording device and began recording nature sounds in the UK and further afield. You can listen to some of my recordings below. 

Peñas Blancas

Peñas Blancas Nature Reserve - Nicaragua

This recording was made after sunset in a rainforest in the north of Nicaragua. It features rain falling gently through the canopy, and the calls of insects and frogs. 

Thank you to Andi Icaza


Fife Coastal Path - Scotland

This recording was made at one of my favourite spots along the Fife Coastal Path on the East Coast of Scotland, just outside St Andrews. It features the tide lapping against the shore, a rustling reed bed and birdsong, including the repetitive refrain of a Whitethroat. 





Thunderstorm in Tirana - Albania

A thunderstorm I recorded from a window in Tirana, the capital of Albania.